During my inquiry concerning Breda aeroplanes I found a small connection with Argentina.

26 February 1931 a Breda was registerd to Jaime Vall, Buenos Aires, and received serial R-189.
This aeroplane was of the type Breda A.4, this was a side-by-side biplane trainer.
The last information concerning this aeroplane is Wfu December 1938

27 April 1933 a Breda was registerd to M. Bossi, Santa Fe, and received serial R-210.
This aeroplane was a high wing 2 seat sports plane of the type Breda Ba.15.
The last information is that is was written off 30 August 1936.

Who can help me concerning both aeroplanes with:
1. History/Career;
2. How and in which colors were they painted;
3. Pictures (quality is not important:
4. Other interresting details/materials.