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Ejercicios navales MILAN 2010

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  • Ejercicios navales MILAN 2010

    Países del sur y sureste Asiático inician maniobras navales en el Golfo de Bengala

    Nueva Delhi, 5 de febrero, RIA Novosti. Trece países del sur y sureste Asiático iniciaron hoy maniobras navales cerca de las islas de Andamán y Nicobar en el Golfo de Bengala, reportó la agencia india IANS.

    En los ejercicios MILAN 2010 participan Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malasia, Myanmar, Nueva Zelanda, Filipinas, Singapur, Sri Lanka, Tailandia y Vietnam. Nueve de ellos enviaron buques de guerra y otros tres están representados al nivel de delegaciones.

    Las maniobras navales MILAN se realizan cada dos años desde 1995. El comandante de las Fuerzas Navales de India, Nirmal Verma, ha negado que se trate de un nuevo bloque militar o que las maniobras estén dirigidas contra terceros países."Es más bien un foro que nos permite aunar las fuerzas de seguridad para hacer frente a las catástrofes naturales e industriales", comentó Verma en una rueda de prensa concedida en Port Blair, capital del archipiélago de Andamán.

    Fuente: RIA Novosti - Últimas noticias - PaÃ*ses del sur y sureste Asiático inician maniobras navales en el Golfo de Bengala

    Largest Milan-2010 naval war-game at Port Blair from Feb 4

    New Delhi: India will host the largest four-day naval wargame, Milan-2010, involving 12 nations in the Asia Pacific region from Thursday, in which means to counter terror threats to coastal and island territories would be debated keeping in mind the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai by LeT.

    "There would be a discussion on maritime terror and the means to counter the attacks like what happened in Mumbai (during Milan-2010)," Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Foreign Cooperation and Intelligence), Rear Admiral Sudharshan Shrikhande told reporters here today.

    The seventh edition of Milan, being organised by the Indian Navy at Port Blair once in two years since 1995, would have nine naval ships from eight countries and representatives from four others participating in a tabletop exercises, apart from a passage exercise at sea and a seminar on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) from February 4 to February 8.

    "The amount of patrolling required for preventing the 26/11 type of attacks in other countries too is the same as in India. So, these issues will be discussed," Shrikhande said to a query in this regard.

    Among other issues to be discussed would be illegal entry of foreign ships into the waters of the respective countries, just as India had experienced when a North Korean vessel anchored off Andaman and Nicobar Islands last year and had to be apprehended.

    Naval ships from Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore (two ships), Sri Lanka and Thailand, with representatives from Navies of Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam and New Zealand would join the exercise.

    A seminar on 'Navies in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief' would be addressed by Indian Naval Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma and inaugurated by Andaman and Nicobar Lieutenant Governor Lt Gen Bhopinder Singh.

    India will be represented by four or five ships including its largest Landing Ship Tank and a Fast Attack Craft in the exercise.

    Australia would bring its warship HMAS Glenenelg patrol boat for the wargame.

    However, there would be no fire power demonstration during the wargame, he said.

    "Milan, which started as a small effort with participation from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia, has today grow into a 13 navies grouping in the Asia Pacific. Only Cambodia will not be attending this time.

    Indian Coast Guard too will send its ships and officers for the exercise," he added.

    "The message from the grouping is one of need for maritime cooperation for navies to share knowledge and expertise on their own operational circumstances and to know each other's operating procedures so that there can be coordinated efforts in times of need," Shrikhande said.

    He said already Indian Navy was coordinating with Indonesia and Thailand for a structured joint patrol along each other's maritime borders for about two or three times a year.

    Fuente:Largest Milan-2010 naval war-game at Port Blair from Feb 4

    Articulo en PDF bastante bueno sobre este ejercicio del año 2008.